How Much Does a Backyard Remodel Cost: A Full Guide

Your outdoor living space is as important as your indoors. Embarking on a journey of a backyard remodel may be challenging.

If you have decided to enhance your outdoors and increase the value of your property, you must create a clear vision in your mind of what exactly you are aiming for and, most importantly – set your budget for the task. 

In backyard remodelling, there are plenty of financial considerations and material costs that should be taken into account. Oftentimes, the question “How much does it cost?” arises. 

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a one-fits-all answer and a specific price as that varies depending on your outdoor space size, characteristics and your unique vision. 

However, we can guide you with some approximate numbers. 

That’s why in this article, we will share more about the factors that may influence the costs of your backyard remodel, so after you read it, you will have a clear view of what to expect in terms of finances and budgeting

You will learn more not only about your future backyard renovation costs but also about some effective cost-saving strategies that you could implement. Last but not least, you will get the answer to the most important question – “Is a backyard remodel truly worth the investment?” 

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Why Do Backyard Remodel Costs Vary So Widely?

When it comes to backyard remodel costs – they may vary a lot. This is because every outdoor space is different and has its own characteristics, conditions and improvement needs.

The homeowner’s concept of the space is no less critical when talking about cost calculations.

Let’s say that you want to completely recreate your outdoors and decide to start a substantial outdoor renovation project. You can add an infinity-edge pool, hot tub, outdoor kitchens, and other expensive features.

Understandably, the cost for your renovation will be much higher than that of another homeowner if they want to add some outdoor furniture to the existing patio and upgrade their wood fence.

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Factors to Consider

To be well prepared for your project, you should familiarise yourself with a few factors affecting the costs. That way, the price you expect to pay will be closer to your actual price.

We’ll explain these factors to help you calculate your backyard renovation cost and build a realistic budget. 


Landscaping is an essential consideration when calculating your backyard remodel costs. When considering landscaping projects, you should consider various backyard elements and details.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What is the size and layout of the area to be renovated?
  • What type of plants, trees and decorations do I want to have? 
  • What features or elements do I want to include in the new landscape design?
  • Do I want to build an extension to my current home?
  • Do I have any existing landscape features that can be reused or repurposed?
  • Do I need any additional permits or site preparation?

Answering these questions will help you get a clearer vision and, therefore, help you calculate the prices.

You should know that landscaping costs typically range between €4,000-€8,000 for small garden designs and €8,000-€15,000 for large outdoor areas. However, your concept can strongly influence these numbers.

Let’s see some examples:

  • Installing an outdoor kitchen island would cost you anywhere between €185-€3,700, depending on size and materials.
  • Adding a water feature may add up to the final costs of €860-€4,395.
  • Upgrading your old fence with a new wooden fence can be between €2,300 and €4,500.
  • Designing and planting flower beds can cost around €2,500.
  • Creating a vegetable garden with a watering system will be around €200.
  • Constructing a fire pit area with seating can be around €2,000.
  • Investing into something more extravagant, such as an infinity edge pool in a holiday destination home, could be around €75,000 and up.

Remember that these are just examples, and your project may cost less or more.  

A simple yet very effective tip is to integrate a paver patio. It will add functionality and aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space, typically costing between €3,500 and €4,000. 

The price depends on several things:

  • The size of the outdoor patio cover per square foot
  • The tax of the outdoor contractor, if you plan on hiring one
  • The materials you plan to use. 

Even a small patio will make your outdoor space look like new.

The landscaping is the first step of your backyard makeover, but it is the most important one, and every next step is built upon it, so you need to make sure you have it done as professionally and precisely as possible. 

Many homeowners choose to use the services of professional designers and renovation companies when it comes to large projects. So, if you feel like you can’t deal with your landscape project on your own or don’t have the necessary DIY skills, then compare contractor and material prices to make an informed decision.

Size and Layout

The size and layout of your backyard are crucial for cost calculations. 

A small yard requires basic landscaping, fewer materials and, most of the time, less complex design. In comparison, spacious premises will require much more materials and difficult-to-install irrigation systems, which will lead to higher costs. 

The same goes for customised designs. The size and layout will typically impact the quote and timeline if you choose to use an outdoor contractor’s services for your backyard renovation.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors are often overlooked but may also affect backyard remodel costs. 

Soil conditions, topography and water availability are all factors that influence outdoor renovation projects. The timeframe and the season during which the renovation will be executed may also impact the overall costs

For example, uneven terrains may require a custom approach such as terracing. Another example is hiring a contractor during the holiday season – it may turn out to be more expensive and difficult due to limited availability and supply chain disruptions.

Design Complexity

The design complexity is a factor that will influence your investment.

For example, the costs will be low for a small garden with an uncomplicated seating area as a part of a general home improvement project.

However, if you want an outdoor counter space with two seating areas, water features and a clay or brick pizza oven, your budget needs to be much higher.


Fencing is another essential factor to consider when calculating the outdoor renovation project’s costs

The fence type plays a huge role in the final calculation, as costs may range from wooden (€3,300) and vinyl fences (€4,050) to more individual options like flower walls.

The most common and classic choice is the wooden fence. Its costs vary depending on the design, wood type, and linear footage. The installation costs can be around €30-€50 per linear foot if you hire a company to do it.

Materials and Their Quality 

Choosing the right material for each element of your backyard remodel is crucial for the overall quality, aesthetics, and costs. 

From decking and plant ground covers to stones and pavers, the quality, the type and the cost of the materials can vary tremendously. 

That’s why you should consider your budget and individual preferences to make the most suitable choice. Always go for high-end and durable materials if you have the budget for them. 

However, suppose you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative. In that case, you can find other materials and sustainable solutions if you do proper research, compare prices, check customer reviews and look for discounts and promotions.

Labour costs

Labour costs are also very important when calculating garden renovation costs

Hiring skilled professionals and workers who assemble everything also affects the service costs.

Some examples include:

  • Landscape contractors – typical price range per square meter €4.50-€17; per hour €40-€90; or as a percentage of the total cost
  • Electricians – hiring a professional electrician will cost you around €250-€300.

However, most of the time, it’s best to hire an end-to-end renovation service provider as they take care of all aspects of your project. That way, you will save yourself money, time and hassle.

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Common Unexpected Expenses

While planning may be very helpful when it comes to backyard remodel costs, there are always unexpected expenses that will arise along the way.

Be prepared for various scenarios:

  • Unexpected landscaping details – when remodelling your backyard, you may encounter challenges such as poor soil quality, lack of the needed grass seeds, hidden tree roots and much more.
  • Creating the perfect lawn – creating the perfect lawn can be much more difficult and expensive than you think. You may have to invest some money in soil testing, additional grass seed and amendments.
  • Bad heater hurdles – if you are about to install a new pool or upgrade your existing one, unexpected expenses may appear with the pool heaters. There may be faulty writing, complications during the installation, and many costs for breaking ground, so be prepared.
  • Complications with the gas line – if you are about to incorporate an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit or other heating element – the gas lines may be an extra expense. There may be issues with the installation or safety, which will cost money.
  • New structures – if you want to build a new structure, you may encounter extra costs with the site preparation challenges or permit requirements.
  • Pool installation challenges – if you are about to install a new pool, it is almost certain that there will be extra costs. Remember – you have to consider the soil condition, the safety measures, the pool heaters and much more. 

Keeping in mind these common unexpected expenses will help you to keep up with the preset budget and make adjustments as you go.

As a rule of thumb, it’s always a good idea to have an additional 10-15% fund on top of your initial budget as a safety net in case of unexpected costs and unpleasant surprises. 

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How to Calculate Your Costs?

When calculating the backyard remodel costs, you need a systematic approach to breaking down the budget into different categories and potential expenses. 

Here are some steps you can take to calculate your costs:

  1. Initial assessment – start with an initial assessment of your backyard space. Check all the elements that need attention, such as your desired additions, features that need to be changed, and even safety measures. Also, take detailed measurements. 
  2. Develop a plan – develop a detailed plan for the backyard remodel. Choose the materials you want to add, the features you want to have, and the designs you want to incorporate. This plan will serve as a roadmap for your project and help you calculate the costs. 
  3. Research the costs and suppliers for your location – your next step is clear. Research the costs and suppliers based on your area, as prices and delivery options vary greatly on location. 
  4. Break down your budget – define different categories such as materials, landscaping, and labour, and remember to add the unexpected expenses. Set clear priorities on what you can compromise with and on what you cannot.

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Obtain Estimates and Quotes From Contractors

Now that you have a detailed plan and budget, it’s time to obtain estimates and quotes from renovation and remodelling backyard contractors in your area. 

This crucial step will allow you to compare prices and conditions and to choose the ultimate best offer you can get. 

You can start by researching the local contractors with a good reputation for backyard remodelling. To do so, you can read reviews, check references and ask people you know for recommendations.

Once you have found several suitable backyard and landscape contractors, it is time to request quotes to get an idea of the price range, services and timeframes. 

Then you can compare them – pay attention to details such as deadlines, warranty, scope of work, etc. Choose the backyard contractor that offers a combination of the best conditions. 

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Cost-Saving Strategies

Backyard renovations can be expensive, especially if you have a big garden. Happily, you can integrate some cost-saving strategies into remodelling your outdoor space. 

DIY Where Possible

If you have some experience and knowledge in landscaping, construction, garden work, or painting, do not hesitate to do it yourself, as you will save some costs. Of course – quality is the main priority, so DIY only if you are certain of your skills and final result. 

Phased Approach 

If you have a limited budget, go for a phased approach. Make a list with priorities and start renovating one by one. This will help you save money and enjoy your garden. Of course, it will also help you avoid the hassle of bank or personal loans.

Optimise Material Selection

You can also lower your total costs by optimising the selection of materials. Don’t go for the cheapest options, but don’t go for the most expensive. Look for discounts, and ask for specific promotions if you are about to buy a material in large quantities.

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Is a Backyard Remodel Really Worth the Investment?

And now, let’s finally answer the initial question: “Is a backyard remodel worth the costs?”

The answer is short and clear – yes, it is. And that’s because of several reasons. 

First, it will enhance your quality of life, and isn’t this all we want? Yes, there will be financial considerations, but your new space will be the centre of recreating and allow you to be in touch with nature from the comfort of your home. It will also increase your property value, so it is a win-win situation.

Second, you’ll have an entertainment area that’s just waiting for your closest friends and family members to visit you. You can spend quality time together in the fresh outdoor air, organise a Saturday afternoon barbeque and provide a safe place for the kids to play. 

Last but not least, a new backyard may benefit your health and well-being. You will have a beautiful place where you can work out, do yoga out in the open, breathe some fresh air, or swim in your new pool, if you have one. 

While the costs of backyard remodelling may seem scary at first, the benefits outweigh the expenses in the long term.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Backyard Remodel Costs Vary Greatly?

Backyard remodel costs vary greatly because of different factors such as geographical location, the size and layout of the space, the choice of materials, the complexity of the design, the fences and much more.

How Can I Calculate the Costs of My Backyard Remodel?

You can calculate the cost of your backyard remodel by making an initial assessment, developing a detailed plan, researching the local costs and categorising the expenses. Of course – you have to get quotes from constructors too.

Is the Backyard Remodel Worth the Investment?

Yes, it is! A good backyard remodel is worth the investment as it improves quality of life, well-being and property value.