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Mobile Home Remodel

Mobile Home Remodel

Are you about to purchase a used or old mobile home that doesn’t look exactly the way you imagine it to? Or do you dream of more space in your current manufactured residence?

A mobile home remodelling project is the solution you’re looking for, and IVCG Renovations can guarantee its success.


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Interior Upgrades

If you are looking for an optimal way to improve your mobile home’s interior by optimising available space and enhancing its design, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team IVCG Renovations has an eye for detail and will plan everything for your interior upgrades. We’ll ensure you all the luxury traditional site-built homes offer are at your disposal.

If you choose to remodel a mobile home with IVCG’s services, we’ll begin by discussing necessary floor plan adjustments. You will tell us more details about your vision of the room’s layout and remodelling ideas, and we will share whether or not they are feasible based on various factors such as regulations and structural integrity.

Keep in mind that although remodelling mobile home walls can be challenging and is not always possible, open-concept spaces are not unfamiliar to us. We can assess your property and remove or add interior walls to improve flow and functionality.

Our team also specialises in insulation upgrades and can better prepare your house for seasonal changes by improving energy efficiency and reducing your monthly heating and cooling costs.

But that’s not all – we also take care of all plumbing and electrical changes necessary due to your interior’s new layout or function. In case you’re planning an upgrade of kitchen or bathroom appliances, IVCG’s team will make sure to install them after we finish all the major changes inside.

You can rest assured that we will tailor all your mobile home improvements according to your personal goals and preferences.


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Exterior Upgrades

The outside of your manufactured home is no less important than its insides. After all, the exterior is the first, and sometimes the only, thing someone sees. It’s the face of your residence for all passersby, guests, and visitors.

That’s why it’s not to be overlooked, and our team can do an outstanding job upgrading it.

Our renovation and construction professionals will work collaboratively on your exterior home remodel project and complete any task that we have previously planned.

The possibilities are truly endless and will be custom-made to your living situation.

We may upgrade or replace your exterior siding with suitable materials to withstand the test of time and climate. The same goes for the skirting around the base of your single or multi-sectioned home. Such upgrades will improve the overall appearance and insulation of your dwelling.

If you wish for an outside change more significant than painting the exterior doors, IVCG Renovations can create a place where you can unwind after a long day at work.

Our experienced professionals can construct a cosy porch or a deck to seamlessly transition the interior to the outdoors and create a welcoming entryway.

We can also completely transform and remodel your garden or other adjacent outdoor space by incorporating hardscape and landscape features, adding even more value to your dream home.

Space Optimisation

The biggest challenges with most mobile homes are the space limitations. However, that is no longer the case after a thoroughly planned and executed house remodel by IVCG Renovations.

Our professional designers can advise on multi-functional furniture and compact appliances to optimise your available space. In addition, we will suggest creative built-in solutions and custom mobile home cabinets that meet all your needs for extra storage space.

Reducing clutter makes a huge difference, but it’s one way to go. During the remodelling process, we’ll offer other insider know-how to create the visual impression of a larger, more spacious interior.

Painting in light colours and installing mirrors to reflect light and “enlarge” a room are only some of them, but our expert team will give you personalised suggestions once they arrive on-site.


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Manufactured Housing Specifics

Mobile homes come with unique characteristics, and IVCG renovation’s team is well aware of them. Whether you own a double-wide, panelised or modular home, our experts are ready to meet the challenge.

Due to the structures’ mobility, we’ll begin with a thorough assessment. We’ll consider various factors, including if you plan to transport the house again to ensure it will be eligible after it’s completely updated.

Keep in mind that some changes might not be feasible due to structural constraints. However, we’ll inform you about that ahead of time so you don’t spend money on unnecessary materials and so that we can collaboratively adapt your plan to achieve a desirable outcome.

When remodelling a mobile home, our experts carefully pick the materials they will use as the structure’s weight and size determine its ability to be moved to a new location.

You can rest assured that we’ll pay attention to the smallest details, such as outlet covers and cabinet knobs but also consider important factors like regulatory compliance and retaining your property’s resale value.

After all, manufactured homes present unique challenges that are typically not met in traditional home remodelling projects.

Why Choose IVCG Renovations?

If you are searching for a reputable remodelling contractor in Ireland, you’ve finally landed in the right place.

IVCG Renovations offers everything homeowners who plan mobile home remodels need – from planning your new floor plan and layout to installing kitchen cabinets and light fixtures in your living area or bedroom.

We take care of everything from start to finish:

  • We provide building materials, or we work with those you purchase.
  • We advise you on design and recommend improvements.
  • We make structural changes and execute all renovation tasks.
  • We clean up and take care of all the finishing touches.

Choosing our professional services means you choose a stress-free mobile home transformation. Our expertise, high-quality work, and attention to detail set us apart from other companies.

IVCG Renovations is fully insured, so your mind can be at ease during the entire process. After all, we understand that your home is a sanctuary and the most meaningful place for you and your family.

To ensure we get off on the right foot, we provide an initial on-site visit with a consultation and a quote at no additional cost. If you decide to continue working with us, we’ll make sure we move onto another site only after we’ve completely finished your new mobile home.

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Areas We Serve In Ireland


IVCG Renovation’s team operates in the area of Cork, Ireland. If your mobile home is located within the city or its outskirts, make sure to contact us for more information and to schedule a visit.


Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, IVCG’s renovation team operates across the urban landscape and its outskirts, providing accessible services to all community members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do. Our team can work in any kind of factory-built housing, including pre-cut, mobile, modular, and panelised structures.
Absolutely. Our team is well aware of mobile homes' unique characteristics and is prepared to work with such structures.
IVCG currently works in the wide area around Cork. Feel free to give us a call and discuss the possibilities.