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Our tiling services Cork offer first-class and quality projects that are carried out on everyone. IVCG’s Tiling Services Cork offer a wide range of services in the commercial and private sector, from private homes and apartments to hotels, clubs, fitness and retail units throughout Ireland. From bathroom equipment to architectural details, Tiling Services Cork offer our services for all types of projects, small and large. The experts of our Tiling Services Cork work and collaborate with some of the most reputable companies, small and medium-sized projects and leading construction companies. Sufficient quality of materials, using diamond cutters and brushes and polishing machines are used for the most beautiful grip.

Tiles for apartment buildings have been the focus of our work from the very beginning. Tiling Services Cork recommend, manage and deliver our mosaic installation services with careful attention to detail and industry-leading expertise with decades of mosaic installation experience to eliminate the stress associated with hiring ceramics in Ireland.Please contact us for more details.

Tiling Services Cork

Premium Quality Tiling Contractor Cork

Floor Tiling Contractor

Tiling Contractor

Floor Tile Contractor

Tiling Services Cork offer high-quality mosaic services, from mosaic packages to complete mosaic packages that return your property with minimal intervention. For decades, Tiling Services Cork have been combining high-quality materials with proven industrial practices to achieve flawless finishes; to make our services as personal as possible. Tiling Services Cork offer a wide range of services in the field of tiling and paving, including decoration of damp rooms, bathrooms, tiling and underfloor heating.

Floor Tiling Services with High Quality Finish Guaranteed

Full experience in all aspects of the exterior and interior tiling process, from preparation and repair to cleaning and restoration. Tiling Services Cork specialize in all types of tiles, various materials ceramics, metal, glass, porcelain and natural stone – slate, limestone, travertine, granite and marble. Large format mosaics, high-end adhesives and joints are used for all fastenings. Beautify your kitchen or bathroom with Tiling Services Cork stylish tile layouts or make your design a reality. Tiling Services Cork fully trained professional tile fixers can assist you with advice on layout, colors, enhancements, restoration, tiling and sealants.

Expert Guidance From Start To Finish

I&V is a leading supplier in Northern Ireland in Cork, providing tile laying services as well as residential and commercial repairs in Cork. Whether you are considering repairing your home with our ground tile services or want to lay off your office or pantry, Tiling Services Cork serve private and corporate clients to capture their visions and ideas. When it comes to suppliers of quality tiles, the selection of the best tiles is not limited here. Tile production is an extremely important task in creating the look and feel of your floor, and you need to find a tile in Tiling Services Cork that is an expert in floor tiles and guarantees a hard floor of optimal quality.

We Specialize In New Floor Tile Installation

Tiling Services Cork, is your one stop shop for bathroom renovations, tiles and installation. With over years of experience, Tiling Services Cork team of experts will manage your project from idea to finish. Whether it’s a new bathroom / wet room / ensuite or stylish wood effect tiles for your kitchen floor, Tiling Services Cork offer experienced professional service throughout. High quality work at good prices, we take care of every budget.

We Specialize In Floor Tile Repair Services

Tiling Services Cork, specialize in bathroom renovations, large and small. We work closely with each of our customers to realize their concept. Tiling Services Cork tries to make this process pleasant and free for our customers. A visit to our showroom gives our customers the opportunity to view their valuable range of bathrooms, furniture and tiles. Customers can discuss their ideas with our experienced staff, who will provide expert advice on how the design, style and range of products will meet their requirements. For everything you need to do, come to us for a free consultation, where Tiling Services Cork will design your perfect space together. One of our in-house training teams welcomes you to give the best. For everything you need to do, come to us for a free consultation, where Tiling Services Cork will design your perfect space together. One of our in-house training teams welcomes you to give the best.

We Specialize In Surface Preparation

Loose and loose tiles in the kitchen, bathroom or any other space do not need to be replaced. If you are considering a major tile renovation, call Tiling Services Cork before reviewing other home renovation contracts. Tiling Services Cork tile replacement services are not only economical. Tile restoration offers solutions to many potential problems. If you have already climbed on your tiles and heard a loud sound from below, it means that your tiles are loose. Loose tiles lose adhesion to the pavement or wall structure and can even damage the entire tile surface. A broken tile leads to several broken tiles. If your tiles are in a tub or spray, your tiles will need to be repaired when water damage starts in the future. By offering tile repair, Tiling Services Cork can protect one or more tiles and ultimately protect your entire floor from tiles. Tile repair allows you to keep the tiles you want while the structure heals and protect them from costly repairs or replacements in the future. Tiling Services Cork can repair your broken, cracked or loose tiles to save time and money laid on your entire tile.
Tiling Services Cork professional tile repair will shorten the time of your project compared to the entire tile renovation project. Large and reliable home remodeling contractors usually do not follow a short schedule. Tiling Services Cork is a licensed and insured home accessories supplier in Ireland, specializing in tile and drywall projects, and most of our projects can be planned and completed quickly. Tiling Services Cork tile repair projects are usually completed in one go! So forget about time and don’t worry about the upcoming big and expensive renovation project.

Tiling Services Cork
Tiling Services Cork
Tiling Services Cork

Our specialty is waterproofing and sealing floor tiles

It is common among tile builders to be waterproof. Many in the construction industry believe that once the mixture has hardened, water can no longer pass through the tile floor. Unfortunately, that is not true. Even if gaps are not visible in the mixture, water can migrate through the plates. Keep in mind that some types of tiles are more sensitive to water penetration than others.

We Specialize In Floor Tile Repair Services

Porcelain is denser than travertine; as a result, less water passes through the porcelain plates than their travertine counterparts. Due to their porous surface, natural stone slabs can absorb water and let moisture through and into the substrate. In addition, with the exception of some epoxy-based versions, most seals are sensitive to moisture absorption and transfer. Grouting reduces the amount of moisture that passes through the tile floor, but does not stop completely. The bottom line is that you should not expect the tiles themselves to prevent moisture from penetrating. Without a waterproof sealing solution, such as CIM membrane system to cold, liquid, moisture reaches the substrate through a thin layer and tile system, increasing the risk of problems. Tiling Services Cork, offer a wide range of accessories that we can provide with products of excellent quality. Tiling Services Cork provides you with the most comprehensive and affordable tile repair tools available in all countries. The most popular patterns in our country are elegant stone patterns, which are all unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cork tile supplier typically offers services for flooring, bathroom flooring, ceramic tile and more.
You can use the services of providers help to choose the perfect tiles until the final treatment of the floor after installation.
It is possible to work with most work-based suppliers, where you are responsible for the delivery of all raw materials.
It depends on the size of the room, the appearance of the tiles. On average, it takes 3 days for the tiles to harden, join and seal.
However, taxes will vary depending on the type of tile training and the scope of work.
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IVCG is a licensed and insured commercial and residential home improvement company. If you are looking to remodel your Home Interior / Exterior, IVCG is your one stop shop for all professional services in Cork area. We have a professional team specializing in various commercial and residential projects. At IVCG, we believe in doing our best to ensure customer satisfaction. We ensure that each of our projects is handled carefully and efficiently.

We understand that each project is unique and requires specific strategies. Not only do we handle large commercial renovation projects, but our team also specializes in residential renovations.

Our team of experts will devise a strategy that best suits your needs, and dedicated projects will ensure that every step is executed to perfection. We approach each project with undivided attention and continue to work until our clients are completely satisfied with the results.

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Our attention to the small details, planning the schedule and in-depth project management is what sets us apart. Plus, we’re creative and keep an eye on the calendar and your budget.

Our prices are competitive and reasonable. No surprise bills. Any unexpected or additional charges must be approved by you in advance. We treat our customers the way we want to.

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