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Carpentry Renovation and Cabinetry

Carpentry in renovation is a blend of traditional techniques and modern innovation that turns living and business spaces into works of art.

Let us make an introduction of our team and services at IVCG Renovation – the right residential and commercial carpentry contractors for your project.

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Interior аnd Exterior Carpentry Services

IVCG offers carpentry services for both the interior and exterior spaces as a part of our home improvement solutions. We strive to enhance the look of your home or business but also to offer practical functionality.

Interior Carpentry Renovation

Interior carpentry renovation involves skilled manipulation of materials to create custom elements that match your vision.  

One of the main advantages of hiring a renovation carpenter is their ability to enhance functionality and impact the aesthetic of your space. Carpenters can add texture, depth, and visual interest to walls and ceilings by using decorative crown mouldings, trim, and panelling.

IVCG Renovation is dedicated to new build and renovation projects with a focus on practical storage solutions, clever space optimisation, and seamless integration of technology.  

Exterior Carpentry Renovation

Outdoor carpentry involves using wood and other materials to enhance durability, visual appeal, and, of course – functionality of outdoor spaces. 

That may include:

  • Crafting and installing new siding
  • Constructing custom decks and pergolas
  • Patios and stairs
  • Adding decorative trim 
  • Crafting doors or window panels
  • Crown moulding and more.

When renovating the exterior of a building, the primary aim of the carpenter is to protect outdoor structures from moisture, pests, and other environmental hazards while enhancing aesthetic appeal at the same time. 

We at IVCG Renovation work in the renovation and construction industry and know how important carpentry work is for such building projects.

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Structural Repairs and Modifications

Our skilled craftsmen play a key role in the repair and modification process – they can reinforce foundations and address structural weaknesses. They focus not only on aesthetics, but also on thorough planning, precise execution, and adherence to safety act and regulations.

IVCG’s team of skilled carpenters and engineers begins every project with a comprehensive inspection and control of elements, from beams to joinery. We will repair damaged wood, reinforce load-bearing components, or shore up weakened foundations. 

In addition to repairs, IVCG also specialises in carpentry structural modifications. We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the entire process – from initial visits for a free-of-charge consultation to project completion. 

Flooring and Decking Enhancements

Flooring and decking are two of the most impactful elements in a full home renovation

Our team can install various types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, and engineered flooring. We also offer custom inlays, intricate patterns, and stunning finishes that will efficiently add character to your house, rooms and spaces.

As for outdoor spaces, we can turn them into luxurious retreats with custom-designed decking enhancements, built-in seating, and integrated lighting. We offer a range of decking options to suit various styles and budgets, from traditional wood to low-maintenance composite materials. 

IVCG will help you enjoy the full benefits of a renovation and contribute to your everyday life by creating beautiful, comfortable, and functional spaces.

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Shelving, Cabinetry, Woodwork and Storage Solutions

With IVCG, you can choose custom shelving and storage solutions focused on meeting your unique needs. 

Our craftsmen construct and install:

  • High-quality shelving units
  • Accessories
  • Cabinets
  • Kitchen fittings
  • Various furniture like wardrobes, beds, and more.

We create storage systems that maximise space utilisation, enhance functionality, and complement the overall aesthetic of your home or business space.

By customising storage solutions, we offer personalised storage that blends seamlessly with the architectural style of the renovation project.

IVCG’s team has the knowledge and skills required to plan and execute your indoor or outdoor project. We provide all the necessary materials and guarantee that their quality will successfully stand the test of time.

Why Choose IVCG Renovation?

Choose IVCG Renovation for your next project and experience why our clients choose us time after time.

Our team is highly skilled and experienced in repairs and home renovations. We provide professionalism and impeccable results. Our services are fully insured to provide you with comprehensive coverage. 

Give us a call for an on-site, free-of-charge consultation.

Areas We Serve in Ireland

Cork, Ireland

IVCG Renovations covers the entire Cork area to offer residents and businesses exceptional service and make their dream space become a reality.

Galway, Ireland

Call us to schedule an appointment with our team in Galway and get a free on-site visit and an estimate for your carpentry and renovation project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best wood type varies depending on your project needs. For example, pine is affordable and easy to work with; oak offers durability and strength; maple has a fine grain and resists warping.
Carpentry focuses on building and installing wooden structures like framing and cabinetry, while woodworking involves various activities such as furniture making, carving, and lathe turning.
Absolutely - our team at IVCG will help you plan and execute your kitchen renovation, whether partial or full.