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Trusted Plumbing Services

If you are searching for high-quality plumbing services, the first thing you should be looking for is an insured and experienced professional who follows industry standards and local regulations.

The good news is that you just found them – IVCG Renovations offers you a wide range of renovation and maintenance plumbing services for your home or business. Our licensed specialists make the IVCG name a synonym for reputable plumbing contractors in Ireland.

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Types of Projects We Work On

Our expert plumbing team at IVCG Renovations will handle any project you are about to undertake.Β 

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

If you need plumbing services such as installing or maintaining water supply systems for your home or business in Cork or Galway, our specialists will provide them.

We cover all areas of commercial plumbing, including installing plumbing systems in new business buildings, repairing existing ones, or making minor improvements necessary for better efficiency.

If you’re looking to hire a professional plumber for your residential or commercial property, IVCG is the right choice for you.

Basic Plumbing and Maintenance

IVCG offers various basic plumbing tasks as part of our comprehensive range of home renovation and remodelling solutions.Β 

Whether you’re facing a leaky faucet, a clogged drain, or need to install new plumbing fixtures, our team of skilled professionals is here to help.

Our basic plumbing services include:

  • Repair and maintenance – from fixing minor leaks and drips to troubleshooting plumbing issues, our experienced plumbers are equipped to handle many repair and maintenance tasks efficiently and effectively.
  • Fixture installation – whether upgrading your kitchen or bathroom or installing new fixtures in your home, IVCG can assist with installing sinks, faucets, toilets, showers, and more. We ensure that all fixtures are correctly installed and functioning optimally.
  • Drain cleaning – if you’re experiencing slow drains or clogged pipes, our team can provide thorough drain cleaning services to restore proper flow and prevent future blockages.
  • Pipe repair and replacement – if you have damaged or deteriorating pipes in your home, our plumbers can assess the situation and perform necessary repairs or replacements to ensure the integrity of your plumbing system.

Trusted Plumbing Services

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Plumbing for Renovation, Remodelling and New Build Projects

IVCG Renovation’s experts provide quality upgrades to your plumbing system as part of your home or commercial site renovation. Whether planning a partial home improvement, a remodelling job, or a total upgrade of a new build site, our team will help you add value and functionality.

Our experienced staff will come to your site for a free consultation and give you expert advice on what will work best for your home or commercial space. We will plan the complete layout and future design while working together with you to tailor it to your needs and vision.

As a company that offers an end-to-end service, we ensure that we will undertake any task – large or small. We will provide all the necessary materials and install everything you need for your residential or commercial site. All you need to do in the process is watch how your property’s efficiency, aesthetics, and value rise.

Our Range of Plumbing Services

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For Any Property and Room Type

At IVCG, we have experienced plumbers and workers specialising in kitchen and bathroom renovations, plumbing, and heating solutions. They will take care of any type of plumbing service you may need in any area of your home.

We take care of all types of properties and rooms:

  • Old and new buildings
  • Special-purpose properties
  • Industrial settings
  • Residential and commercial clients
  • Vacation and rental properties
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Laundry and utility rooms
  • Basements and garages
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces and more.

Our Range of Plumbing Services

Our experienced plumber teams in Cork and Galway are fully qualified and perform various tasks to meet your plumbing needs. From quality setup that will last for years to regular maintenance and partial repairs, IVCG is here to help you solve anything.

We provide you with a full range of services:

  • Heating services
  • Gas boiler services
  • Emergency plumber
  • Central heating installations
  • Residential Plumbing
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Plumbing maintenance (e.g. leaks, clogs, etc.)
  • Oil boiler installation
  • Plumbing repairs

Complete Plumbing Installations

We can also solve any plumbing installation challenge you may face:

  • Initial plumbing installation
  • Partial plumbing installation
  • Appliances installation
  • Sinks, showers and faucet installation
  • Bathroom ware and accessories installation
  • Water heaters installation and many more.

Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

At IVCG, we specialise in providing plumbing services for kitchens and as well as bathroom plumbing, ensuring that these essential spaces in your home function flawlessly and efficiently.Β 

Our local plumbers in Cork and Galway are equipped to handle various tasks, from installations to repairs and maintenance, including complete home renovation and remodelling jobs.

We can help you with:

  • Design and materials
  • Space optimisation
  • Repair services
  • Sink installation
  • Bathroom ware
  • Installing appliances
  • Garbage disposals
  • Water filtration systems
  • Shower replacement
  • Bathtub installation
  • Adding accessible features
  • Clearing clogs and many more.

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Other Plumbing Services

IVCG will upgrade your heating system or replace it if it’s outdated or faulty:

  • Hot water cylinders – If you have an outdated, inefficient, or faulty hot water cylinder, our team can replace it with a modern, energy-efficient model suitable for your property. We will assess your needs and recommend the proper cylinder size and type.
  • Water tanks – We can also replace your tank if it leaks corroded or you simply want to upgrade to a more efficient model. Our team will ensure that your new water tank is installed correctly and functions optimally.
  • Electric boilers – We can install electric boilers to provide reliable heating and hot water for your home or business. Our team will handle the installation process with precision and expertise, ensuring that your electric boiler meets your heating needs.
  • Gas boilers – We can replace your gas boiler with a modern, high-efficiency model that will provide reliable heating and hot water for years. Our team will handle the installation process safely and efficiently, ensuring that your new gas boiler is installed to the highest standards.
  • Pressure pump installation – IVCG specialises in installing pressure pumps to enhance water pressure in residential and commercial properties. Our skilled plumbers assess your water system and recommend the right pump solution for optimal performance. With expert installation, we ensure improved water flow for showers, faucets, and appliances, delivering comfort and convenience to your property.

With IVCG’s plumbing services, you can trust that your hot water and heating needs will be met with professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. Our team is committed to providing reliable, high-quality solutions tailored to your requirements, whatever the plumbing task.

Why Choose IVCG Renovation?

IVCG is a synonym for dedication and determination. In our years of experience, we’ve established a reputable name as a go-to reliable partner for plumbing services in Cork and Galway.

For us, customer satisfaction comes first, so strict work policies focus on one project at a time to provide you with high-quality workmanship, transparent communication and a full insurance policy for peace of mind.

We offer a free quote and consultation on-site before starting a new project so that you can get to know us and make an informed decision. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

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Areas We Serve in Ireland

County CorkΒ 

If you need plumbing services for your house or business space in Cork, Ireland, call us – our team has helped countless people remodel, renovate, and build homes with the highest quality services and materials possible.Β 

County Galway

We are happy to say that our team has expanded to County Galway, and we can provide our services for inquiries from nearby residents and citizens of Galway within a 30 km range. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plumbers are specialists who work on problems like installation of plumbing systems, drainage, leak repairs, and generally everything connected to the plumbing systems in your home.
Yes, we provide end-to-end renovation solutions, plumbing included.
IVCG's plumbing team will remodel and replumb any bathroom so it becomes more accessible and disability-friendly.