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Garden remodeling

Your Dream Garden Remodel Project

Do you dream of spending more time in your garden or backyard? Of course you do – spending time outdoors is wonderful, especially if you’ve been trapped indoors all day at work.

Having an outdoor space where you can completely relax and enjoy the sunlight is like a mini holiday in your house. That’s why garden remodel projects are of such utter importance, and IVCG Renovations knows how to do them right.

Custom Design And Skilled Construction

Our team at IVCG Renovations will tailor your plot to your individual preferences and implement your vision into a high-quality end result. 

We are proud of our skilled construction workers and garden designers who create custom layouts and unique exterior spaces for homeowners across Cork, Ireland. Choosing us means you get an outdoor estate matching your lifestyle and personal preferences, allowing you to take full advantage of your property.

However, to achieve this, we first need to make a thorough site assessment and analysis of your concept plan to see what the optimal solution is. Evaluating the existing garden space is one part of the process and can be done independently or as a part of a larger home remodelling service.

We’ll consider various factors such as site conditions, expansion options, sunlight exposure, possible drainage issues, etc. Then, we’ll carefully plan your backyard’s future layout and landscape design and the additional features while remaining mindful of its primary purpose and day-to-day functions. 

IVCG’s custom solution policy dictates that we consider your grounds’ intended use, whether it’s a patio, a terrace, or a lawn. The ultimate goal may vary between homeowners – one may need a relaxation zone, while another might be into practical gardening. 

That’s why we want to ensure the remodel is tailored to your needs and that you spend time doing your favourite activities in your newly transformed outdoor area.

Selecting quality materials suitable for exterior conditions is another crucial part of the planning process. They need to be durable enough to withstand the test of time to avoid near-future renovations and generating extra costs.

However, they also need to match your yard’s intended use. For example, a family with young children may need safe playground flooring with soft rubber tiles to protect them from injuries.

But your garden renovation and remodel project requires more than planning. Accurate implementation of design plans requires precision and attention to detail – something that IVCG Renovations is known for. 

Our skilled craftsmen will take care of everything up to the last detail – from taking the right measurements to building outdoor structures. Their knowledge of construction principles and landscape aesthetics, combined with their practical experience, guarantees you’ll get your dream garden that will last for years.

Hardscape And Softscape Features

IVCG Renovations goes beyond building foundations – we completely transform your outdoor area into a place you don’t want to leave. Our process involves implementing hardscape and softscape features that complete the layout and add a decorative finish.

We will focus on functional aspects that contribute to your garden’s usability and overall design.

Such aspects include, but are not limited to:

  • Pathways from gravel or stone
  • Wooden pergolas
  • Comfortable seating areas
  • Retaining walls
  • Raised garden beds
  • Terraces or raised planters.

For those who want to transform their backyard or patio and feel closer to nature in their day-to-day life, our landscape designer can plan water elements such as waterfalls and ponds, which add a soothing ambience to any outdoor space.

To achieve aesthetic harmony, our team will balance hardscape and softscape features and, thus, enhance the outdoor design of your home. To soften concrete or metal architectural elements, we harness the power of nature by planting living elements such as trees, turf, shrubs, and flowers to cover your courtyard.

Creative Landscaping Ideas

At IVCG Renovation, we believe garden remodelling is more than a simple renovation that adds a shiny look to your outdoors. After all, this is the space meant for you to unwind, relax and enjoy the comfort of your home while being outside.

That’s why our team can guide you and recommend unique yet inexpensive landscaping ideas and tips, such as creating theme gardens, adding artistic elements or improving colour and texture contrast.

However, some ideas are more popular than others, and we care to share those with you.

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Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens are especially practical outdoor designs for those who love plants and gardening but have limited horizontal space to grow all their favourite plants. Such a design is suitable for flower lovers and those growing edible plants such as vegetables and herbs.

Vertical greenery adds a three-dimensional aspect to your garden, transforming it into a living work of art. It’s where function intersects aesthetics: vines on trellises, perennials in hanging baskets, and living wall or fence systems are all plausible options, depending on your preference and personal style.

Perennial Gardens

Many homeowners prefer perennial gardens due to their relatively low maintenance requirements and year-round bloom cycles. Perennials and hardy plants contribute to a vibrant and colourful ambience without much care throughout all seasons.

However, your garden remodel contractor must consider the area’s soil type and climate conditions to achieve this effect. That’s why our experts at IVCG Renovations are a preferred choice for such projects.

Water Gardens

Although they are more popular in commercial remodelling projects because of the available space and bigger budget options, water gardens are also not uncommon in residential homes.

Terraced waterfalls falling over stones, centred fountains, or small ponds are all water features used as focal points that add a fresh and soothing natural accent to a plot.

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Why Choose IVCG Renovations?

At IVCG Renovations, we value your vision as a homeowner. We tailor the process to your needs and preferences and use our expertise to exceed your expectations.

High-quality work is what sets us apart from the competition, and our positive testimonials from happy customers are evidence of our commitment to excellence.

If you’re wondering whether or not we are the right fit for you and your home, we encourage you to take the first step and contact us for a free on-site visit and a consultation. We’ll provide you with a quote free of charge and let you decide if you’d like to continue working with us.

To ensure a stress-free process and peace of mind for our clients, we carry full public liability insurance in case of any property damage. However, we are happy to say that we have never had to use it, and our previous clients are always keen to recommend our services to others.

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Areas We Serve In Ireland


IVCG’s renovation team and landscape architect operate within the city of Cork, Ireland. Our services reach the city’s outskirts, so feel free to contact us if you are in the area.


Galway, Ireland, is the other area where you can enjoy our professional services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free of charge consultation on-site.

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