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Home Renovation

Home Renovation

If you need a partial or a full home renovation, look no further than IVCG Renovation! 

We have established a reputable name as your go-to reliable partner in home renovation services. Whether it is a house, a flat, or even a mobile home that needs to be refreshed and upgraded, our experienced team will take care of it.

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Kitchen Renovation

Transform your old kitchen into the cooking spot of your dreams. Whether it is a small kitchen upgrade or a large-scale refurbishment, you can count on our expert team to create the home base for your culinary adventures.

From flooring and electrical work to kitchen cabinets and final touches, our team is here to help you. Our commitment to competitive pricing ensures you get top-notch value for every penny spent.

We’ll dive into your vision for the space, crafting a design that perfectly aligns with your requirements.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovations are a crucial part of any complete project, and we stand out as the prime choice for bathroom makeovers. Our seasoned builders bring expertise to any project, from minor repairs in small spaces to completely transformative plans for indoor areas.

From shower installation and quality plumbing work, with IVCG Renovation, you’re not just opting for a bathroom renovation but investing in a haven of relaxation and renewal.

Any Project Size You Have

Size does not matter when it comes to the scale of your desired house renovation. Whether you’re tackling a sizeable property that demands a complete overhaul or aiming to revitalize your bedroom, we’ve got the skills and know-how to assist you every step of the way.

Our team at IVCG Renovation understands that every single room contributes to the harmony of the entire home, so we take the time and put in the work necessary to make your dream home come true.

Any Style You Want

Our expertise ensures that your complete house refurbishment resonates with your style and preferences. Modern, rustic, classic – we make it possible for you to be truly delighted every time you come back home from work.

What Types Of Properties Can We Renovate?

You don’t have to look for different contractors for home improvement anymore. IVCG Renovation is a one-stop shop for all renovation projects for all types of homes and properties.

Mobile homes

Mobile homes are famous for their compact sizes and small spaces. 

Our designers and other workers are dedicated to maximizing every square meter and providing you with more space and functionality during a mobile home remodel or renovation so you can truly enjoy a functional manufactured home.


A cottage renovation project is often the dream — a unique opportunity to breathe new life into a home brimming with charm and character. 

IVCG Renovation’s team successfully creates a harmonious combination of vintage and modern, ensuring a rustic yet innovative environment.

Old Houses

An old house renovation can present a distinctive challenge. It’s not solely confined to historic houses; even homes constructed just four decades ago might harbour challenges like chemical-laden materials, antiquated electrical systems, and fragile ceilings or roofs.

IVCG Renovation specializes in renovating such houses from the past by preserving their spirit but further modernizing them to provide the same comfort as every 21st-century home. 

New Build

The IVCG team comprises seasoned renovation professionals ready to assist you at every stage of your new house project, seamlessly transitioning from design and planning to painting and finishing touches.


Renovation of apartment spaces is one of our most commonly received inquiries, which gave us an opportunity to gain immense experience in related repairs and maintenance. Our team strives to create a stylicomfortable home, even if your space is limited.

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Why Choose IVCG Renovation?

There are several good reasons to choose IVCG Renovation if you’re in need of home refurbishment services in Cork or the surrounding area. 

When you contact us, we will schedule a consultation so you can meet with our team, who will provide you with a free quote. You can rest assured that once we undertake your project, we will only begin another one if yours is finished and you’re happy with the results.

Our 5-star client reviews are proof of our high-quality work and attention to detail. In any case, if anything undesirable happens during the work process, we’ve secured a full insurance policy that will cover any damages.

We do all of that to guarantee a stress-free home renovation and help you save money.

Areas We Serve in Ireland


Currently, IVCG Renovations serves the wide area of Cork, Ireland. If you are a homeowner and your property is located in or near Cork, don’t hesitate to contact us and book a free quote.


You can also take advantage of our professional services in Galway, Ireland, where we provide our clients with the best solutions and project designs.

See Our Home Renovation Projects

If you’re looking for a new contractor for home renovation and are still determining who is suitable for the job, check our photo gallery of renovated homes and houses in Ireland.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we work on partial renovation projects as well as on complete renovation projects. We can upgrade single rooms, your bathroom, attic or kitchen all separately or as a part of a larger project.
Absolutely. If you share your specific preferences with our dedicated project manager, our team can ensure you get the right materials, colours and techniques for the desired interior design style.
Our team is experienced in residential renovations of all sorts, including cottages, new buildings, mobile homes, old, historic, or modern houses, and apartments.