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Professional Skimming Plaster Services

New, flawless interiors are the goal behind renovations, and we understand that. To ensure a smoother finish of your entire space, we’ve gathered a team of professionals experienced in skimming on plasterboard walls and plastering.

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Smooth Finish Skimming

Our team uses a smooth finish skimming technique to make floors, walls, and ceilings look seamless. 

The technique involves applying a thin coat of plaster mix or joint compound on the surface area. The goal is to create a uniform surface, perfect for painting or wallpapering. 

This service is often required in renovation projects to renew walls and also in new construction (new build projects) to achieve a polished and complete look.

At IVCG Renovation, we have a team that specialises in creating perfectly smooth walls thanks to their skills in plastering techniques and skimming finish.

Skim Plaster for Renovation

IVCG often provides skim plastering as part of our comprehensive residential and commercial renovation services, as it is a cost-effective and efficient way of transforming interiors. 

Thanks to skim-coat walls, you get an updated look at your living room, kitchens, or bedrooms. We can also customise the finish to suit different design preferences and your personal style. 

It also helps us achieve a smooth surface that is perfect for future painting, wallpapering, or other decorative finishes.

Efficient and Dust-Free Skim Coating

We understand that efficiency and cleanliness are crucial in renovation projects for both homeowners and business owners. That’s why we strive to work as cleanly and neatly as possible during every step of the process.

We strive to cause minimal disruption in your processes and everyday life by using dust-free skimming techniques to reduce airborne particles and debris. Our team also ensures a thorough cleanup, leaving your indoor environment renewed, neat and healthy.

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Plasterboard Wall Skimming

If you are planning on installing drywalls instead of plastering, that’s no problem, too. Our team can provide all necessary materials, insulate your walls, attach the plasterboards and seamlessly finish them with a smooth skim coat plaster

Such an approach offers many benefits for your refurbishment project, including versatility, durability and efficiency. Plasterboards provide a consistent and stable base for plaster skim, leading to a uniform finish and fewer imperfections. Additionally, it is highly resistant to damage and cracks, making it an excellent choice for many.

After we have set the base, we can continue with implementing decorative elements, such as painting, wallpapering, or textured finishes, to achieve your desired look.

Why Choose IVCG Renovation?

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced renovation company, consider IVCG Renovation for your next project. We are committed to delivering high-quality work that exceeds our clients’ expectations. 

Our strong emphasis on clear communication means you’ll always be up-to-date on the progress of your project, and we work diligently to bring your renovation goals to life. We provide comprehensive insurance coverage and free consultation for your peace of mind. 

IVCG takes pride in the fact that our clients are fully satisfied with the results of our work, whether they are renovating their homes or updating their commercial establishments.

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Areas We Serve in Ireland

Cork, Ireland

IVCG Renovation provides skimming, plastering and drywalling services throughout Cork, Ireland, for both residential and commercial renovations.

Galway, Ireland

Our team is ready to take on your remodelling or refurbishment project in Galway, Ireland. Feel free to contact us whether you want to upgrade your home or business’s interior or exterior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plastering involves applying a base coat of plaster to skimming walls or ceilings while skimming adds a thin layer of finishing plaster for a smooth surface.
Surface preparation is crucial before plastering a wall. Clean, dry, and debris-free surfaces, such as brick, blockwork, concrete, and plasterboard, are suitable for plaster application.
Plastering issues include cracking, blistering, and uneven finishes due to poor preparation, mixing, and drying.