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Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Landscaping is an important part of creating a cosy and functional garden. It is the final element required for a perfect home.

Choose IVCG Renovations to improve the aesthetic appeal of your back garden or patio – we offer landscape design and maintenance services in Cork and Galway and within 30 km of both cities and we work both with residential and commercial clients.

Our team will answer all your questions and will take care of your outdoor spaces to transform them into spaces you never want to leave.

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What Do Landscaping Services Include? 

At IVCG, we provide landscape services as part of our home improvement package to improve all elements surrounding your property in a way that adds to its functionality. We view the outdoor area as a system of logical, interconnected parts that enhance your home’s curb appeal and facilitate outdoor activities.

IVCG’s hard and soft landscaping includes a range of services:

  • Lawn care
  • Tree care and surgery
  • Water features
  • Power washing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weeding
  • Garden maintenance
  • Patio paving
  • Decking, etc.

There are two main types of landscaping – hardscaping and soft landscaping.

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garden maintenance and hedge trimmingImage Source:

Hard landscaping (Hardscaping)

The first task is laying the foundations. Our team begins work on creating the hardscape to enhance your outdoor space. We use hard materials such as brick, concrete, wood, and stones, which bring your garden to life and increase your property’s value.

Hardscaping will improve the look and functionality of your space whether you want a small upgrade or an entire garden remodel.

Our professionals at IVCG can add garden sculptures, fencing, and help make your driveway more beautiful and convenient.

Soft Landscaping (Softscaping)

We will also take care of your garden design by planning and incorporating softscape features – flower beds, lawns, trees, and shrubs, turning your backyard into a relaxing and inviting place that reflects your style.

This type of landscaping can significantly increase the attractiveness of your home by adding color and fragrance. We can make your new garden fit your needs, preferences, and budget.

Landscape Construction

Landscaping is altering or creating useful space in your yard. Our specialists at IVCG will level the soil, improve drainage, and perform other necessary tasks on site, which will enhance the function and beauty of your property.

At IVCG, we will do a free inspection of your house or business site and create a project tailored to your needs and vision. 

New Build Landscaping

Building a new home is an exciting process, but the construction work can leave your garden messy. The compacted soil lacks nutrients and restricts air and water from reaching your plant roots.

However, we are sure you want a beautiful and functional garden. That’s why, at IVCG, we can help you with a free on-site visit to create an initial design based on the collected information. If you dream of spending all your afternoons surrounded by greenery, give us a call and schedule an appointment. 

Irrigation and Drainage Solutions

Our effective irrigation and drainage solutions will keep your lawn and garden beautiful and in good condition. We ensure that there’s no water damage and that your land and the environment are protected. 

Why Choose IVCG Renovation?

At IVCG we provide full landscaping services to improve your outside space, whether you want an inviting location for parties, increased curb appeal, or simply a peaceful hideaway in your backyard

We are devoted to thorough planning and great attention to detail and personalise our methods to your specific requirements. From interior remodelling to yard transformation, we respect your preferences while delivering excellent results.

Whether you are a residential or commercial client, you are completely insured throughout the entire work process.

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Areas We Serve in Ireland

We serve Cork and Galway, as well as areas within approximately 30 km of these cities, and specialise in both commercial and residential landscaping projects. Our quality of work and high standards are always satisfactory for our clients across Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaping pricing may vary depending on project size, man-hours, materials, and your location – Cork, Galway, or around 30 km from our locations. The cost spans an extensive range – between 500 and 1500 euros for a small project and up to 8000 euros for a large one. Call IVCG to receive an accurate offer and estimate.
Designers or landscape architects create plans detailing the placement of hard and soft landscape elements to achieve the desired result. They consider factors such as climate, soil type, terrain, existing vegetation, and the intended use of the space. The ready landscape design will show you the arrangement of the plants, paths, and other elements in your yard. The right design will make your garden both functional and aesthetic.
IVCG offers a free-of-charge site inspection to collect information about your garden. Afterwards, we create an initial design for your yard transformation.