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Wood Flooring Cork


Advantages of Wood Flooring

I&V Construction General offer many advantages as compared to other types of Wood Flooring Cork available in the market. It adds warmth, character and style to any property, old or new. Although slightly more expensive to obtain than carpet or linoleum, with professional care and necessary repairs, they can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, carpet, linoleum or laminates don’t hold up well in terms of normal wear and tear over time, so over the years you may need to replace them more often, again costing you more time and money. Originally expected money.

Durability (Wood Flooring Cork)

Solid or multi-layered wood floors are extremely durable and resistant to everyday wear and tear. As a natural product, they retain heat better than man-made laminate, tile or stone floors, making them more comfortable to walk on, especially during the colder months of the year. Laminate is always cool to the touch, so the initial cost benefits are great, but these aspects always make Wood Flooring Cork a more attractive option.

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Maintenance & Hygiene

General maintenance and cleaning of Wood Flooring Cork couldn’t be easier. Unlike carpeted floors, hardwood floors Cork are more resistant to splashes and dust, so it’s much easier to wipe down or brush. It gives you more protection immediately after cleaning for kids or pets.

In terms of cleanliness, Wood Flooring Cork are much better than carpets. Pet owners and allergy sufferers especially benefit from this, as wood floors are free of any parasites such as fleas, house dust mites, ticks or allergy-causing spores. Since wood floors are easy to clean, even unpleasant odors from pets or spilled liquids are no longer a problem.

Timeless Style

The timeless appeal of Wood flooring is often overlooked, and unlike rugs, linoleum or tile patterns are not influenced by fashion. No plank is the same, so color and color variations add a more real, natural appeal to each floor surface.

Wood flooring have been used in all homes for centuries, so you can rest assured that the same trend won’t change in the years to come, saving you time and money in the future. Another benefit is that if the floor starts to look tired after years of use, you can simply sand and re-seal the wood to get it back to its original condition in no time.

Great Investment!

Price and budget are always important when buying flooring. Wood Flooring Cork come in a variety of price points, from cheap to more expensive options, so you’ll always find something that fits your budget.

Wood Flooring Cork are a great investment, whether you are installing it in a rental home or on your own property. There is sure to be an increase in aesthetic appeal for any potential buyer or tenant, providing an opportunity for both parties to strike a deal quickly.

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The floor of your home is an artistic space and the first thing people notice when they come to your home. By simply changing the flooring, you can change the beauty and ambiance of the entire room. At I&V Construction General, we pride ourselves on creating sophisticated, custom, handcrafted, quality hardwood flooring. Each floor is as unique as whoever designed and ordered it.


Whether you want candy bars, herringbone flooring, Versailles panels, herringbone flooring or assorted patterns, we can create the flooring of your dreams in any style, plank width and color. Our luxurious European oak is carefully extracted from the finest woods, expertly crafted by our experienced sawmill team, and treated with a high-quality, eco-friendly finish. All our semi-rigid floors are made in Ireland


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Floor sanding, Buffing and varnishing

Service based on 3 coats of junckers Strong or Bona mega varnish. Commercial grade finishes avalible

Floor sanding, Buffing and Oiling

Service based on 3 coats of junckers Strong or Bona mega varnish. Commercial grade finishes avalible

Wood Floor strip Gap Filling

Service based on 3 coats of junckers Strong or Bona mega varnish. Commercial grade finishes avalible

Wood floor Staining

Service based on 3 coats of junckers Strong or Bona mega varnish. Commercial grade finishes avalible

Scratch Repairs

Service based on 3 coats of junckers Strong or Bona mega varnish. Commercial grade finishes avalible

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We understand that each project is unique and requires specific strategies. Not only do we handle large commercial renovation projects, but our team also specializes in residential renovations.

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