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The kitchen is the most energy-intensive spaces in our homes, but they can be the most important and most expensive investment in renovation. At Interior Renovations Cork, we believe that careful planning and attention to every detail in terms of functionality and perfection is essential for a successful new kitchen. Our complete comprehensive service means you don’t have to look elsewhere as we guide you in each and every step of your renovation. We can offer you various options for your new countertop, back wall, perfect sink and faucet, as well as the right built-in and white appliances. It is important that all of your finishes work perfectly to achieve the overall style you expect.

Interior Renovations Cork can help you choose the perfect color combination for your new kitchen. Lighting in your kitchen is very important, but we can help you by making a lighting plan suitable for your new space. Interior Renovations Cork have also updated, designed and installed new auxiliary rooms. Similarly, we can work on your kitchen door or create a custom layout based on your specific needs and paint it in the color you choose.Contact us for colour advice.