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Hardwood or wooden floors add beauty and character to any living space and increase home value. At I&V Construction General, Flooring Services Cork have been providing high quality wood flooring installation for commercial, residential and renovation projects. Whether you want raw or finished hardwood, IVCG, Flooring Services Cork has access to all major suppliers so we can provide you with the type of hardwood you need. Laying fresh hardwood floors is not an easy task. Flooring Services Cork will provide you with the expertise, experience and quality you deserve when laying floors. Flooring Services Cork, craftsmen have treated various hardwood planks in homes, industries, shopping malls and offices. Our in-house Flooring Services Cork designers are ready to show you the endless beauty of hardwood floors. Prior to ground level, we come to your home to conduct research. After an extensive investigation you will receive a non-binding offer. Work begins only after completing these formalities.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors:

• Enhance the Look of Your Home.
• Maintenance & Hygiene.
• Strong & Durable.
• Suitable For Any Decoration Theme.
• Better Acoustics.
• Easy to Install.