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At IVCG Drywall and Ceilings Cork, drywall and ceilings is available in four standard thicknesses, each provides reliable use and finishing.
1/4 inch drywall: Best of all options, 1/4-inch drywall and ceilings is often used as a reminder material at Drywall and Ceilings Cork. Install it on existing wall flooring to reappear and hide old stains. Curved walls are an example of a curve. The thin design makes it easy to handle the material.

3/8-inch drywall: Just a little thicker than 1/4 inch of drywall and ceilings, 3/8 inch is also the best choice for curved walls. This thickness usually requires repairs to adjust the current drywall requirements.

1/2 inch plaster: Most Drywall and Ceilings Cork, drywall and ceilings are 1/2 inch thick. It is a popular choice for interior walls because they are easy to carry and hang in. If weight is your problem, consider ultralight drywall half an inch. 13 pounds lighter than other sizes and diameters.

5/8-inch drywall: Most types of drywall and ceilings are often the thickest, 5/8-inch are fireproof and the best choice for soundproofing the room. It is an excellent choice for ceiling applications as it helps prevent time from turning.