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If you need a floor that is suitable for environments with high humidity, for example in the bathroom, you can choose concrete, tile or vinyl. For example, if you have a floor in a room where there is a lot of sunlight, choose durable floor parts or hardwood floor parts. For kitchen use, wood floors and porcelain clay are strong and durable. If you’re concerned, you definitely need scratch-resistant floors. It is important to note that when you look at the screen or the sound scratches, it should not appear. For example, floors are easy to install with solid wood. But opt ​​for a carpet, ceramic tile, board or cork floor, which also dampens the sound. For example, are you looking for an environment that looks light and airy? In this case, opt for lighter floor colors. For example, dark floors which add comfort and warmth. Do you want to describe your style more traditional or contemporary? Thinner frames tend to create a classic aesthetic, while wider frames look more modern. Choosing wider planks or larger square tiles will also help narrow the space from Flooring Services Cork.

At I&V Construction General, Flooring Services Cork offer a wide range of beautiful and unique flooring for your home or business. Our professional flooring team will help you choose the right flooring. We can answer any questions about price, durability, style or space, give us a call today. However, Flooring Services Cork will take one step at a time, we will ask for your permission. From measurement to installation, we have a responsibility to be with you at all times. Flooring Services Cork years of experience in this industry have greatly enhanced the name and reputation we enjoy today.