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As kitchen design moves into the future, our perspective changes to a “modern” look. In Kitchen Splashback Cork design, form fulfills more and more functions, which can be seen as a great change in the role and appearance of the kitchen pad. The fender usually occupies the area just behind the bay or the entire length of the wall within this area. The goal of Kitchen Splashback Cork is to protect the walls from splashes and spills during cooking. Even if its presence only works, fenders can now have a major impact on the look of a finished kitchen, which often makes a lot of statements!

Far from its traditional tiled base, the back wall is widely available in a range of colours, styles and materials; several options for all budgets and tastes.
Like bumpers, curbs are available in a wide range of materials for Kitchen Splashback Cork and form of Kitchen Splashback Cork a worktop where the worktop and walls meet, except that they are usually only 100 mm high. Curbs provide an attractive edge of the wall, which protects them from damage and fit well into modern and traditional kitchen styles of Kitchen Splashback Cork. The back wall of Kitchen Splashback Cork is usually full height and fills the vacant space between the worktop and the bottom of the wall units.