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With over thousand of flooring options at IVCG’s Home Interiors, there’s something for every home! Our flooring department has a wide range of carpet, laminate and vinyl floors. Our new open concept hose offers customers the space and variety to find the perfect floor for their needs. Our flooring in Cork experts offer measurement and installation services for all types of laminate, vinyl and carpet. Our experienced flooring in Cork installers are characterized by unmatched quality of work and ethics. Our flooring in Cork experts have flooring options for every budget and style, for both residential and commercial projects.

Flooring Services Cork

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Need For Professional Floor Polishing Services:

We at IVCG provides professional floor polishing service in Cork and nearby areas. Granite, Marble, Kota and other floors lose their luster and shine over time. Granite and Kota floors become dull over time and require proper cleaning and maintenance to regain their appeal. Soft stones such as marble are prone to scratches, they absorb stains and dust, making the floor look dirty. No matter what type of floor you have, our experts of flooring in Cork have the expertise in all types of floor polishing, grinding, scrubbing and cleaning services. We make your floors like new again.

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How Do We Work?


To provide the best flooring in Cork, we start by cleaning the floors in a few steps. Here are the steps we follow to clean your floors.
Scrubbing: We clean stone floors such as parquet, marble, mosaic tiles and stoneware. The surface of the floor has been cleaned well, but there is no improvement in gloss or shine.
Floor Buffing : In this process, the cleaning of the floors is carried out in such a way as to improve the gloss and shine. We use special polishing pads to ensure that the original polish or finish of the floor remains intact. Usually the results are directly on the wood floor, as the delicate finish and texture of the wood is not compromised.

Polishing: This step involves scrubbing the floor to remove dirt and dust. It helps to clean tea, water stains, light scratches, coffee and other organic stains.


Grinding and Polishing:This process removes a thin layer of stone soil using various grits and pads on a single disc machine. It removes stubborn stains and scratches from the floor and restores luster and shine.

Deep floor polishing : Our experts of flooring in Cork use the most advanced technology, machines and tools to thoroughly clean and polish floors. The heat from the cleaning machines activates the polishing powder to get floors sparkling clean.

IVCG Flooring Services can give your floors a complete makeover. We are the famous floor polishing service in Cork. We are happy to advise you on all types of floor cleaning, scrubbing and polishing. Let your concern for cleaning floors be everything, we can help you keep your floors spotlessly shiny and clean.

Flooring Services Cork


Hardwood or wooden floors add beauty and character to any living space and increase home value. At I&V Construction General, Flooring in Cork have been providing high quality wood flooring installation for commercial, residential and renovation projects. Whether you want raw or finished hardwood, IVCG, Flooring in Cork has access to all major suppliers so we can provide you with the type of hardwood you need. Laying fresh hardwood floors is not an easy task. Our Flooring in Cork Experts provide you with the expertise, experience and quality you deserve when laying floors. Flooring Services Cork, craftsmen have treated various hardwood planks in homes, industries, shopping malls and offices. Our in-house Flooring in Cork designers are ready to show you the endless beauty of hardwood floors. Prior to ground level, we come to your home to conduct research. After an extensive investigation you will receive a non-binding offer. Work begins only after completing these formalities.

Benefits of Hardwood Floors:

• Enhance the Look of Your Home.
• Maintenance & Hygiene.
• Strong & Durable.
• Suitable For Any Decoration Theme.
• Better Acoustics.
• Easy to Install.

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Flooring in Cork has completed thousands of carpet works and maintained more than a million feet of carpets and tiles in homes, multi-family homes, hotels and office buildings. With access to almost all clothing lines and brands, Flooring in Cork will help you find the right texture and what to expect. No job is too big or too demanding for us and Flooring in Cork experts are ready to help you with your next project. Whether you are looking for something soft and comfortable, a stair pad or a safety pad, Flooring in Cork experts help you decide on the perfect pad for you. Flooring in Cork experts also have a choice of stain-resistant mats that are ideal for households inhabited by children and animals. Stairs are usually a heavily loaded part of the house, so we recommend something highly durable to handle pedestrian traffic. Stair mats have many benefits, such as many patterns and colors to choose from, anti-slip options and sound insulation.

Flooring in Cork experts are here to help you find the right stair mat for your home. The floor in your bedroom is the last thing your feet touch every night, and the first thing they touch in the morning. Early morning it is the most comfortable type of floor for walking, especially for feet. Flooring in Cork Experts have a wide range of bedroom rugs to choose from and Flooring in Cork team of experts is here if you need ideas for bedroom rugs. Commercial carpet is much more resistant to wear than home carpet. Therefore, it is more durable.

Benefits of  Carpet Floors

• Thermal resistance.
• Comfort.
• Safety.
• Sound absorbing.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring uses high-resolution photographic prints made of synthetic material to create a realistic color perspective. Vinyl floor is available on large styles and workplaces, including wood fiber, stone fiber, or tile on boots. Vinyl sheets are very popular and have their own water properties. Flooring in Cork experts offer vinyl space for commercial and home use. Including offices, lounges, kitchens and bathrooms.

Natural wood effects with stones and tiles are made from vinyl, and there are different details in each one. They also have a large number of natural forests or semi-hard forests. Vinyl has a lot of commercial space with a lot of traffic and great color variation. Thanks to its water resistance, it is ideal for places with high quality air, zoos and kitchens. In winter, vinyl floors are really warm and a great place for the house. It is not possible to show the most important patterns and the most important colors for vinyl.

Benefits of  Vinyl Floors:

• Durability.
• Easy to Install.
• Easy to Maintain.
• Appearance.
• Water-Resistant.

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Laminate Flooring

When it comes to laminate floors, Flooring in Cork only use the highest quality flooring. If you are looking for a cheap alternative to solid wood, Flooring in Cork would recommend that you go for our laminate floor. In fact, it is a durable and easy to clean option for you. Even if it looks like wood, you can still choose the color of wood that suits you best.

Benefits of Laminate Floors:

• Easier and Cheaper Installation.
• Scratch & Water Resistance.
• Hygienic, Easy Cleanable Surface.
• Realistic Design.

Get New Flooring In Cork for Your House Today!

If you need a floor that is suitable for environments with high humidity, for example in the bathroom, you can choose concrete, tile or vinyl. For example, if you have a floor in a room where there is a lot of sunlight, choose durable floor parts or hardwood floor parts. For kitchen use, wood floors and porcelain clay are strong and durable. If you’re concerned, you definitely need scratch-resistant floors. It is important to note that when you look at the screen or the sound scratches, it should not appear. For example, floors are easy to install with solid wood. But opt ​​for a carpet, ceramic tile, board or cork floor, which also dampens the sound. For example, are you looking for an environment that looks light and airy? In this case, opt for lighter floor colors. For example, dark floors which add comfort and warmth. Do you want to describe your style more traditional or contemporary? Thinner frames tend to create a classic aesthetic, while wider frames look more modern. Choosing wider planks or larger square tiles will also help narrow the space from Flooring In Cork.

At I&V Construction General, Flooring in Cork offer a wide range of beautiful and unique flooring for your home or business. Our professional flooring team will help you choose the right flooring. We can answer any questions about price, durability, style or space, give us a call today. However, Flooring in Cork will take one step at a time, we will ask for your permission. From measurement to installation, we have a responsibility to be with you at all times. Flooring in Cork years of experience in this industry have greatly enhanced the name and reputation we enjoy today.

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Our Flooring in Cork experts take great pride in our product quality and workmanship, including hardwood floors, laminate, LVT vinyl flooring, decking and composite siding.

Why choose IVCG’s flooring service in Cork ? Our experts of flooring in Cork can take care of everything from start to finish without having to find your own installer. Once you have chosen your floors, our experts of flooring in Cork install them for you.

The experts of flooring in Cork also offer a delivery service only for all of our composite flooring and decking.

Our experts of flooring in Cork have a full range of carpets from all major suppliers.

IVCG’s Experts of Flooring in Cork would like you to visit our large modern showrooms where we will be happy to give you all the advice you need for your project.

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